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Life has gotten away from me over the last month or so, I’ve been overtaken by a very personal event which has needed a lot of attention and left me in a fairly bad place personally. I’m conscious that the site needs updating and it will get done when I can get back to it and find the time.

There is interesting news for us, particularly on the brewing front as we go through the registration and licensing processes with HMRC that will allow us to brew and sell beer rather than brew it and have to give it away!

There’s a brew in the fermenter right now and there will be another couple as soon as I can find the time so I will update the site with those as soon as poss.

The brewhouse (brewshed really) has had some radical changes and I’m sure we are not finished there either as we chase a bit more capacity; again updates as soon as poss.


October 2019

Beer Imbiber

Unfortunately, we’ve reached the end of the road with the magazine. It’s simple economics plus the time it takes to produce, we are struggling on both fronts and now’s the time to call it a day.

In the past 12 months it’s brought in some £1700 in subscriptions, if that were to repeat over the next 12 months it would cost me personally some £300 for each issue we produced. Coupled with the time involved it makes zero sense to carry on.

The timing is right because there are quite a lot of renewals due and it would be wrong of me to accept subscriptions at this stage knowing that it’s likely to fold soon.

The contributors have been very supportive and I’m grateful for that. We’ve had some nice emails from subscribers as well and those help more than I can tell you, it’s good to know that our efforts with the magazine are appreciated.

The website will continue for as long as there is any interest and for as long as people take the time and trouble to contribute.

I realise that digital copy is not for everyone but the reality of the situation is that the cost of producing a print magazine is too great for the number of subscribers we have and nobody is more disappointed about that than I am.


May 2019


May 2018