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Beer Imbiber

Welcome to the new Imbiber site. There’s a little bit about who we are in the About Us so that you know who we are. What about the magazine? Where’s it heading?

Well, as a beer fan personally, I believe in the magazine and also in its future. The print version is very important and will continue and the online version here is vital; we can do so much more online than we can in print. There has been a bit of a name change, that just made sense because we need the word ‘beer’ in the title; it makes it far easier for people to find online.

As an example of the flexibility that being online gives us, we can make back issues available as online flipbooks:

Another example would be the beer and brewer lists. Given some time we will be able to organise them into databases that could form a complete online archive that would be available to everyone here to search and download. There will be lots of other content here as well that we can deliver far more quickly online than we can in print.

As far as access to the digital content goes, everything here will be available to every subscriber to the print version. If you buy the magazine there will be no charge for access to anything online.

We are also treading carefully around the privacy issue so there is currently no mailing list and no intention to start one. There will be some emails at sign up as the system goes through its checks but beyond that you won’t hear from us until you login here or your magazine arrives in the post.


May 2018