A Little Less Witch…

I’m very, very, cynical about these things so it could be that there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this but I was surprised to see that Moorhouses Blonde Witch has gone from 4.5%ABV to 4.4%. That might not seem like a lot so to put it into context let’s think about it like this:

That 0.1% is actually 2.3% of the alcohol which, again, may seem like small beer (sorry!) and not many will care too much but what if they just stuck 8p a pint on the price at the bar for every pint you bought? That’s what it means to the consumer.

Put another way, given that duty is currently £19.12 per hectolitre (I know – dull right? Important though) that 0.1% saves the brewer £3.12 per brewer’s barrel.

I don’t know what the numbers are for Blonde Witch in terms of how many barrels they brew but their website says that they can produce 1000 barrels a week. If, say, twenty percent of that is Blonde Witch then that means the 0.1% chipped off the ABV puts £624 per week or £32,448.00 per year on their bottom line.

Edit: Whilst writing this I posted on their Facebook page asking the question and, much to their credit, they came back with an honest answer:

“Moorhouse’s Brewery Yeah, purely commercial reasons. Prices into retailers are static at best (have been for years) and we therefore have to look at all areas where we can reduce cost”