Brewdog Raising A Storm

Brewdog – Pinking It Up…

My favourite brewer raised a bit of a media storm this month with the launch of their Pink IPA. The product was intended to be, in their words: 

 “a satirical joke about products marketed to women using patronising gender stereotypes”

It seems that many people, including media outlets and the industry (self appointed) mouthpiece the Portman Group, failed to get the joke.

As is so often the case with Brewdog their logic was sound, even if their message was too subtle for the industry stuffed shirts and the lazy commentators who failed to scratch the surface in order to look for the real story.

Brewdog were pointing out in their usual anarchic fashion that the gender pay gap in the UK is 20%, and handing over 20% of the proceeds from Pink IPA and Punk IPA sales to the Women’s Engineering Society 9 to 5; a women’s support group.

At least they got some attention, though probably not the kind they were expecting.