WKD Cleaning Up

Form Over Substance…

The triumph of form over substance appears to be complete with WKD, as reported by brand owner SHS Drinks, enjoying a 30% uplift in sales.

When it first appeared in 1996 WKD was a ‘vodka mix’ and came to us (when I say ‘us’ I mean in the broader sense, not in the sense that us here at Imbiber Towers have ever actually consumed the stuff) at 5.5% ABV and in 330ml bottles.

Now the product has been stripped down to 4% ABV and 275ml bottles but the worst offence, to my simple mind is that it’s an ‘alcoholic mix’ which is ambiguous enough to mean many things.

It loses some 17% of volume, a staggering 27% of its ABV, has its engine replaced with who-knows-what and at the same time manages to clean up in its market sector.

Strange folk, us consumers.