Fuller’s to Asahi

Another one bites the dust – iconic London brewer Fuller’s has gone to the Japanese giant Asahi. The £250 million pound deal sees all rights to brew and distribute Fuller’s brands, including London Pride, go to Asahi along with their Griffin brewery plus Dark Star and Cornish Orchards.



More Crowd Funding

The crowd funding space appears to be in rude good health. Staggeringly Good, the Portsmouth based brewer, is looking for £300,000 via the Crowdcube platform and on the day of writing they were 54% of the way there.

Now, I’m a numbers guy so am interested in these things and not for the first time am struggling to make this add up as an investment. The pitch reports 100% year on year growth so £112,000 in 2017 to £224,000 in April and an EBITDA of £14,500.

That’s great growth but from a low start and the margin is 6.9% and yet people are apparently happy to invest. I’m not saying they shouldn’t but am definitely wondering why you would. I wonder if it’s sentiment rather than business sense that drives these things?

Good luck to them though, I can admire those who grow businesses for sure; even if I don’t understand them.


Handyman’s Dark Arts

An interesting collaboration came across our radar this month, Liverpool brewer Handyman and local music duo OVVLS have produced a Black IPA.

Included in the design of the label on the bottle is a QR code for a download of their EP; clever stuff and the beer itself looks very interesting at 6.6% ABV. Kudos to all involved.


Craft Beer Co on the March

London’s original craft beer purveyor Craft Beer Co have taken their presence in the city up to nine outlets with the signing of a lease on a site at Hammersmith station.

Craft beer as a sector is booming and there’s good research going on right now giving solid insights into how and why this is happening, we will have a closer look at the numbers in a future issue.