Albert’s Schloss Introduces Manchester Rein


BAVARIA X MCROver the past few years Albert’s Schloss has made a name for itself in the Rainy City for providing an unrivalled selection of Bavarian biers to the people of Manchester. But now the bohemian bier palace feels it’s time to take all its learnings and make its own stamp on the bier scene.


Introducing: Manchester Rein.


High German / Meaning ‘Pure’. 

Albert’s Schloss ‘Bier Masters’ have created a fresh and unpasteurised Bavarian style pilsner made in accordance with Reinheitsgebot – the German bier purity law. Made with English hops combined with traditional malt and yeast from Munich.

This marriage of Bavarian bier supremacy and Manchester passion creates a truly unique new pilsner and sums up exactly what Albert’s Schloss is about – the best of Manchester meets the best of Munich.


Albert’s Schloss have learnt that bier is always best when it’s fresh and unpasteurised, so have decided to serve their new bier fresh for the purest possible taste. They have also learnt that Pilsner is the greatest bier in the world.

To create something a little bit more sessionable, the team have concocted a brau that sits just between a Pilsner Urquell and a Paulaner, but slightly less hoppy, boasting a peachy nose and a nutty body that’s topped off with a creamy finish!

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Emily Valentina Sutton |