Best Re-Brand Ever? Probably…

A clever marketing campaign this for sure, but also something quite interesting; Carlsberg seem to be fessing up to dumbing down their beer.

For years now we’ve been sold tripe while the companies involved have forsaken quality in pursuit of bottom line profit and they’ve done it by stripping out layers of flavour by either watering the product down, literally, or by substituting one ingredient for another that costs less or quite clearly leaving ingredients out altogether.

They’re all guilty: Fosters, John Smith’s Smooth, Tetley Smooth, Stella Artois, and many others have dropped the ABV of their products and given us all sorts of crap as reasons why; usually some drivel along the lines of ‘bringing us into line with our competitors’. Carling took the prize by actually lying about the ABV of their shite – sorry their ‘beer’ – and kept up the pretence for years; they told us it was 4% when it was actually 3.7% and argued, successfully, in court that they were allowed 0.5% tolerance by the regulations.

The truth is that brewers can get the ABV of their beers right, as in spot on, if they choose to and most of them do. Molson Coors played a despicable trick on its customers for years and got away with it, small wonder that they pull these stunts when there’s little to no consumer backlash.

So why have Carlsberg done this? Well, I really don’t know but I have to confess to liking it. I’m not a fan of ‘big beer’ generally but hope that I always say things as I see them and with this I see an improved product and a clever marketing campaign. The beer itself is now very, very good; the best standard lager around now in my opinion.

For me, it’s a very clever re-brand and a refreshingly honest take on a product that was honestly awful for years. Kudos to Carlsberg.