Brewing – Beer on the Bar

So the candy orange IPA came out at 5% and yielded a full 60lt.

As with every time I fire the kit up there’s something to learn and hitting my final volumes plus ABV tripped me up with this one, it went well though and conditioned out nicely so I duly delivered two pins, 4.5 gallon casks, to a club local to me who had (quite bravely!) agreed to put it on their bar.

It was dropped off on the Sunday and they tapped Tuesday which was a day early really. We were using cask ‘widges’ though and the guys on site were unfamiliar with those which meant there was no soft peg inserted, leaving the beer pretty much open to the elements. Following my minor heart attack when I saw that, we tried the beer and it was fine but we agreed to put it on the bar for the Friday rather than leaving it until the Saturday.

It’s odd seeing your beer on a bar for the first time, a bit surreal to be surrounded by people drinking something you’ve brewed. We’re still test brewing so it was literally free beer, I just wanted to take the next steps and get some honest feedback.

A cynic might say that you are likely to get positive feedback when you give people free beer but, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about cask beer drinkers over the years, ninety nine out of a hundred of them will happily tell you that the beer they are drinking is shit if they think it is; regardless of who brewed it and how much they paid for it.

There were some comments regarding the haze but to me those are from people looking for their own preference so fair comment maybe but not really relevant. There was a decision made very early in my brewing journey that none of my beers will be fined so they’re going to be a little hazy by design. Some people will be okay with that and some not. Personally, I look for hazy beers now and believe that they offer an extra depth of flavour from the proteins and yeast in suspension.

There are plenty of crystal clear beers available and space on bars for both. The experience was a very positive one for me, there will be another test brew hot on the heels of this one and then some decisions to be made.