The Brewing Journey

So this is where the brewing started:

It’s just a shed, but the journey has been interesting and the space has changed but it is still a shed:

There’s had to be a lot of work so the floor is tiled in the brewing area and we’ve had to clad the walls in fairly expensive plastic sheets but it leaves us in a good place now that we want to up production volumes and start taking the brewing a bit more seriously. We have space now, now that we are a little more organised, for a couple more fermenters so those will arrive in due course.

There’s a ‘kegerator’ built into the right hand side now with a CO2 setup so that we can carbonate beer in kegs; we are using mostly corny kegs. It also gives us two taps so that there should always be good beer available for us, which is what got us started on this brewing caper in the first place.

I will write a separate piece about the kegerator because it wasn’t that hard to do and once you have one it opens up lots more brewing possibilities. Cask beer doesn’t need this but I felt all along that I wanted to explore all possible areas of craft brewing and the ability to use CO2 is a major help there.  

It’s been mostly test brews so far but we’re in a situation now where we feel that there are a few recipes that we can produce reliably and the beer that we are brewing is good. There are a couple of brave souls locally who have been keen to take the beer and give it a try and in return we have been able to give them, quite literally, free beer and all we have asked for in return is honest feedback.

In the end though, there’s something soulful about seeing your own beer on a bar; it’s intoxicationg in more ways than one. My intention is to post the whole journey here, including the recipes, and hope that we can help people to appreciate what goes into making their beer but, also, to help anyone who wants to have a go themselves get started.