Beer: 150 Awesome Facts about your Favourite Brew

Beer: 150 Awesome Facts about your Favourite Brew by Caroline West.

Dog ‘n’ Bone. 2018. 64 pp. Hbk. £7.99.

This book came out too late for me to include in any end of the year round up of beer books.  This slim volume looks like it was aimed at the Christmas gift market and could be described as a “stocking filler” or perhaps something for Bathroom reading.

The book is divided into three sections:  Beery Blast from the Past (beer history); Beer Trivia and Beer Buffs and Geeks, The format is to fill the book with bite sized (around 40 words) snippets of information.

The author is a British freelance writer who has written about gardening and has also penned some humorous books.  In the Blast from the Past section we learn about the ancient history of beer in Sumeria (modern day Iraq) and Egypt.  The fact that hops were first used in brewing in 822 AD is quite surprising as they did not come to be used in England until the sixteenth century.

Under beer trivia we find that beer is the third most popular drink in the world after water and tea. I am sure that is only because much of the world is too poor to afford a beer.  If you collect beermats, and who does not have a pile on their desk, then you are a tegestologist and if it is beer labels that you hoard then you are a labeorphilist.

Under the Beer Buffs section we learn that the first canned beer was not produced until 1935 and that the most expensive beer sold at auction reached $1,850 for a bottle.  Like many beer books it is written for a global audience and does contain a lot of references to beer in the  USA. The book is full of quirky insights and is well researched. The graphics are well done and it would make quite a nice little present for a beer lover.

David Harris