Steve Finn

I describe myself as a 'beer nerd' and have been in the industry, the beer industry that is, for more years than I care to admit. I started as a glass collector at the age of 19 and have done pretty much every job at the sharp end of the industry. I'm a stoctaker now and also do some consultancy work and training. In 2017 I published a book, The Great British Pub, and the Imbiber seems like a very good fit.

I'm a member of the Guild of British Beer Writers, I'm a fan of books and written publications, and hope that I can add something to the Imbiber as we work to secure a future for it.

When the opportunity came along to take on the Imbiber magazine we felt that it had a nice history and that we wanted it to survive.

We believe that expanding the content will help us bring the magazine to a larger audience and for the magazine to have a healthy future it needs to find that audience.

We fully intend to maintain the format of a printed publication and believe that one of the great positives of the magazine currently is the content provided by readers; we see no reason for that to change.

There will be digital content and an option to subscribe to an online version but that will have no impact on the print version; we see a future for both