Contributor Guidelines


We welcome contributions for both the website and the print magazine.

Content and Style

Use Times New Roman, 12 point, single line spacing with a 0.5cm indent for the first line of new paragraphs. We will use italics or bold for emphasis, we will not use different fonts or font sizes. Please do not use any funky design elements available in MS Word, whilst they may be pleasing to your eye they drive our designer bonkers.

Style wise look at the site and the magazine; we don’t try to dictate a style. We won’t publish anything we consider to be offensive, defamatory or libelous. We don’t fact check your work; we rarely edit your work.

We are not looking for any particular word count, although this may change over time. Short articles of 400-700 words work well and we can usually find space for those. If your piece is 1000 words or more we may think about splitting it into two separate articles, although this would always be done in consultation with you.

What we are looking for is images. We particularly want well composed and technically correct large images. Although they are often eventually printed quite small a big file gives us the best chance of getting decent images for the magazine. Blurry, pixelated, out of focus pictures from your mobile are not going to cut the mustard. We can use mobile phone images but please take care to compose them properly. We live in a visual age; images are very important and we struggle to use articles without them.


Consent to publish is assumed once you send us your work.


Contributions and questions should be sent to